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We Are the Reduced Lunch Family

#ReducedLunchToken Reduced Lunch (Redu), based in the USA, is leading the development in the way charity works. With our own symbiotic crypto ecosystem, we are innovating a new way of funding charities. A big aspect of our ecosystem is our plan to organize charitable events and activities in-house. The Reduced Lunch team works to become a registered charity organization that focuses on expanding into general media and popular culture that builds a solid, educated crypto community along the way. We would like to extend our gratitude for joining the Reduced Lunch Family.


All of the Photos, videos and accounting connected to charity activities will be posted here

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Untitled drawing (1).png

2021 Q4

Initial Website 


Growing social media and the ecosystem 

Developing the core ideas & principles 

Our first charity partnership 

Whitepaper v1 

2022 Q1

Further website development 

Finish initial documentation 

Launch the REDU trading token 

Start marketing and networking 

2022 Q2

Build Passive income for the projects goals.

Research documentation for the setup of a Charitable organization

Community projects

big marketing


         2022 Q3

Start the procedures for the official charity and get legal council


Stabilizing partnerships & nurturing new ones

Initialize the building of an integrated swap

embedded in the website

2023 Q1

Official company brick and mortar location with media capabilities

Fully organized LLC

and Reduced Lunch Charity

Create a new and higher functioning roadmap

2022 Q4

Submit all the legal documentation for the Charity

Create a REDU themed

NFT collection to fund other charity activities

Finish the Redu Swap & Farm integrated to the new upgraded website

Team Members


Cameron P.

Developer &

Chris P.

Marketing &

BSC Contract Address:



The Reduced Lunch team started May 15 of 2021. The goal is to achieve and set new standards in the cryptocurrency space. There is so much room for this project to expand and we are always looking for good people to join the project. The ability to take care of the charity donations without affecting supporters is the intention of the team. We are setting a new standard on how a charity should be carried out, by innovating with the latest technology.

We are constantly doing quality control checks. If you see something that could be a future concern, please don't hesitate to let us know. The telegram is usually insightful about the market in its entirety. Our community will be growing steadily, so we are expecting people to help keep the chat tame and friendly.

Email: Redutoken@gmail.com


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