Any and all statements made by Reduced Lunch, its Developers, Administrators, Consultants, or any and all individuals or entities related to Reduced Lunch shall in no way be considered financial or legal advice. The Reduced Lunch administration does not take any responsibility for lost funds, fraud, or tokens lost in any form. Any and all statements made by Reduced Lunch or its team are purely the opinions of the individuals and not organization. Individuals should not purchase, participate, or send funds to any location without first understanding the inherent risks. Individuals should first understand the inherent risk with Cryptocurrencies, and understand the tokenomics involved with the Binance Smart Chain prior to participating in the Reduced Lunch Token. Individuals should not participate in the Reduced Lunch Token, or any other token endorsed by the Reduced Lunch organization, without first doing their own research and understanding the inherent risks. All individuals should understand the possibility of their tokens being devalued by the devaluation of the Binance Smart Chain market. Any event is possible to cause the immediate devaluation of any and all cryptocurrencies, and is out of the control of Reduced Lunch Token and its team. Individuals should only participate with what they are financially capable of losing.  Individuals should not participate with money that they are unable to repay, stolen funds, or funds that are owed to other third parties. Individuals should also understand the inherent risks in Cryptocurrencies, and understand that Reduced Lunch Token and all its affiliates are in no way responsible for lost funds. Any tokens distributed to developers or affiliates are considered gifts for enhancing and testing the ecosystem for expanding utility. When purchasing the Reduced Lunch Token, you are not purchasing the token for investment purposes or intending to do so in any way whatsoever. Our tokens were designed solely for utility purposes only, there is no investment contract and there is no expectation for a increase in value, with the efforts from the Reduced Lunch team or its affiliates.

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